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I. Association:

• Currently, donglongjsc and/or its affiliates has jointly invested, operated and managed with foreign partners in different joint-ventures in which the investment capital of donglongjsc and affiliates accounts for at least 50%. Those joint-venture companies operate in various fields of transport sector such as multimodal transport, forwarding, shipping, logistics and services and port development and operation.

• Joint-venture companies have established and maintained their closed ties with others under donglongjsc that together with Vinalines’ fleet has created a self-contained and comprehensive network of transport and services. Thanks to the existing relations of foreign partners in international market and the renewal of equipment, technology, management and operation, all joint-venture companies have been efficiently operated and developed their reputation to domestic and foreign clients, remarkably contributed to the expansion of Vinalines’ regional and global market.

• Presently, most of the joint-venture companies under donglongjsc have gained remarkable profit for joined parties in the companies and assured the active rights of Vietnamese party in making decisions on investment, human resources and market. After years in operation, Vietnamese employees in the joint-venture companies have been rapidly mature, perceived the knowledge, technology and neo-management skill, meeting the rising demands of market. Vietnamese cadres in those companies have been completely capable to replace foreign experts in being responsible for key operation and management positions.

• In the near future, donglongjsc plans to concentrate on enhancing investment quality and effects in the joint venture companies as well as attracting more FDI in the principle of respect and implementation of committed agreements, giving priority to capable partners on finance, technology and market with the aim of expanding donglongjsc’ market to other countries and territories. Besides, donglongjsc shall shall further expand its market through the establishment of new joint-venture entities or open liaison offices for logistics and services in Hong Kong and Singapore.

II. Mobilization of credit loans and aids:

• Besides strengthening the joint-venture activities, donglongjsc also determines the significance of overseas development funds to one’s development. Projects on port development, rehabilitation and renovation have been commenced thanks to these funds.

• Aiming at refreshing and expanding the fleet, donglongjsc have been working with different foreign and domestic financial sources such as Citibank, Standard Charter, PNB Paribas, Vietinbank, Vietnam Development Bank and BIDV…) in order to locally build new vessels or purchase second hand ones, although there have been difficulties in financial market in the last couple of years.

III. International relations:

• Playing a key role in Vietnamese maritime field, donglongjsc has actively joined with the Ministry of Transports and Vietnam Maritime Administration in planning and working out policies on development and international economic integration in transport sector and maritime field.




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